At M for Marvelous when movies are rated, they get Marvelous points.

Even the worst film would get at least one Marvelous point, because people have put time and effort into it, and that should be recognized (except for The Human Centipede, you don’t get anything, you film non grata!)

So here is the reasoning behind the points:

 1. Hawkeye – although in possession of some cool skills, he is still just a human. Transferring this to movies, if a film gets just this point, it means it didn’t offer anything exceptional, but just the bare essentials.

 2. Captain America – this one is special enough to have earned a superhero status, however, he doesn’t shine with extra-awesome skills like flying, for example. In movie terms, if a film earns this point, it means there is a little bit more to it than the bare minimum, but still a lot to be desired.

 3. Hulk – he is a proper superhero able to destroy a legion without breaking a sweat, but has some flaws like anger management issues 😀 . If a movie gets this point, it has proven to be a solid film with numerous strengths, but there are some evident weaknesses as well, and those cannot be overlooked.

 4. Thor – being a demi-god means that he is almost flawless, not least because of the long blond hair, Viking attire and super cool hammer. If a movie earns this point, it has proven to be of the highest standard.

 5. Iron Man – he’s got the whole package – brains, looks, money, cool gadgets and that little bit of extra swagger. Plus, he never fails to surprise with the spectrum of his personality. Getting this point means that the movie is intelligent and beautifully-designed with all the little parts fitting perfectly together just like in an Iron Man suit. Also, there is a high probability that the film is unconventional and a little bit flamboyant and over the top in some instances, just like Mr. Stark himself 🙂


4 responses »

  1. gregory moss says:

    I give this rating system 5 iron man’s out of five. 🙂

  2. theipc says:

    I also give this 5 Iron Mans out of 5. In terms of complete awesomeness, I would also give this 1 Galactus. Meaning – the best!!!

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