The last time we saw Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen he was partying his way through the 1920s as benevolent crook in pursuit of happiness Jay Gatsby. Fast-forward 70 cinematic years, add enough improprieties to shame the entire ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll’ generation, top it all up with pitch-black humour, and Leo is back as Jordan Belfort – a similar, yet decidedly Scorsese-ized manifestation of the American Dream’s dark side.

The Wolf Of Wall Street introduces an anti-hero who is frequently undeserving of sympathy, yet almost succeeds in convincing us to brush his debauchery off as a necessity that ‘comes with the territory’. Indeed, this is precisely what Matthew McConaughey’s alpha preaches to the clueless cub soon to become an unscrupulous wolf.

What follows is a 3-hour-long unashamedly-graphic mayhem that takes upon itself to examine the call of the wild amidst Wall Street’s money-and-power jungle.

In his tale of depravity, Jordan often crosses the line, or snorts it (off someone’s arse, no less), but thanks to a superb DiCaprio, it’s only after the end credits have rolled in that we start taking issue with his behaviour.

Ultimately, TWOWS delivers what we’ve come to expect from a Scorsese-DiCaprio team-up – one hell of a beast that goes for the jugular of any canon.

Final words…

TWOWS isn’t for the judgy-wudgies, who would choke on all the cocaine and tits being stuffed in their faces, but if you’re craving a feature with teeth, you’ll rejoice in Wolf’s gripping performances, unapologetic black humour, and refreshing honesty.


4 stars


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I love films and everything that has something to do with them. I read a lot on cinema in my spare time. I actually wrote my dissertation in Business and Management on film marketing, and I am currently doing an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries with a focus on Film/TV. So basically I am interested in anything that can bring me closer to movies, regardless of the perspective. The main reason for me to start this blog is that I watch too many movies which leads to too many opinions (more than my friends can bear), so I decided to use my passion for constructive purposes :)

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