Dissertation Help!!! (…or What Goes Around, Comes Around:)

Hello guys,

As I have mentioned I have been buried in university work lately, so I haven’t really been able to post so much.

The main reason is that my dissertation is due soon 😦

Anyway, I need a questionnaire to be filled in by people so I can analyze the data, and since it is somewhat connected to film and it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to fill in, I thought some of you might be willing to help out 🙂

Plus, then you can always benefit from the good karma when it comes time for you to need someone else’s help (or suffer from the bad one, if you don’t help now…no, I’m kidding :D…or am I? 😉


You can access the questionnaire here.

Pretty please!!! (puppy eyes) 😀




Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much in advance!!!



Django Unchained and Lincoln (5–Sentence) Reviews: The Two Faces of Slavery

django and lincoln

Apologies for not having written a post in ages! I have been overwhelmed with university work and since I only had time for one, I had to choose between watching movies and writing about them. So I chose watching them. Go figure! However, I felt compelled to write something about two films – Django Unchained and Lincoln. First, because they had such a huge impact on me when I watched them and second, because with all the Oscar buzz surrounding them, it would just be wrong not to. And since various publications, websites etc have already provided (too) lengthy (going-to-fall-asleep-before-I-finish-them) reviews and commentaries, I decided to tame my huge mouth (translated into what my itchy-to-write opinionated fingers want to type) and present you with two very succinct 5-sentence reviews (mind you I can write incredibly long sentences!). Continue reading

Rise of the Guardians Review: The best Christmas movie…that is not set at Christmas.


Christmas is never complete without a heart-warming festive film to put you in the spirit of the holiday and to excuse any extra mug of hot chocolate. This year, the ranks of vibrant Christmas animations, including The Polar Express (2004) and Arthur Christmas (2011), are joined by the latest from DreamWorks: Rise of the Guardians. Interestingly enough, this dazzling Christmas-flavoured animation doesn’t feature only the red-suited jolly fellow iconic for this time of year, but brings the Big Four all together – Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and the Easter Kangaroo…excuse me, the Easter Bunny, to battle every child’s biggest and darkest fear: the Bogeyman. Another curious detail? The movie is actually set during Easter time! Continue reading

2013 Sci-fi films: 4 Lessons from the During- and Post-apocalyptic Earth Survival Guide


Sci-fi had a pretty good run in 2012 with marvelous additions to the genre’s lines, including Prometheus, Looper and Dredd. Now, 2013 promises to be even bigger, better and bolder with four head-spinners about to hit the screens next year. Not surprisingly, considering the alleged Mayan prediction about the end of the world, all of the upcoming features are set either in the dawn or in the aftermath of an apocalypse. So, in the event of an apocalypse, here are some practical lessons. Continue reading

Argo Review: A story so incredible, it had to be true!


After building a name for himself as a director with his two acclaimed Boston-set crime dramas Gone Baby Gone (2007) and The Town (2010), Ben Affleck is back for his third directorial endeavour. Unlike its predecessors, however, the new feature called Argo takes us out of Mr. Affleck’s comfort zone, and on trip out of his favourite setting Boston…way out! Tehran, to be precise! The result is an intelligent and engrossing film, which walks the fine border between drama and comedy, reality and fiction, heroism and fear, without failing to keep audiences engaged for even a second. Continue reading

My Marvel-ous rating system!

I don’t know if it is the coolest, but I think I might have created the most Marvel-ous rating system 🙂

Check out My rating system 🙂

My Movie Alphabet: A-Z Survival Guide of a Movie Buff


My Movie Alphabet is a blogathon started by Mettel Ray, which truly exemplifies the concept of a ‘blogathon’, since it took me forever to compile this entry!!! I was massively entertained throughout the whole process, of course! I actually think I went a little overboard with this post, which word count is close to 3000 words – the size of one of my university essays! I know this is too long to read, so feel free to just look at the pictures 🙂 So, I have not only included actors, directors, and movies, but anything which is connected to films and I cannot live without! What I have noticed, though, is that since the letter M is so Marvelous, I had too many things I wanted to include, so I ended up having runner-ups to the runner-ups! So, without further ado… Continue reading

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review: ‘Cause when you Twi hard is when you die hard!

Three, two, one … (in)action! The Twilight Saga is back in theaters for its allegedly “epic” finale Breaking Dawn – Part 2. And while haters will probably still hate and Twi-hards will still love hard, there is no denying that The Twilight Saga has marked a turning point in the movie industry by being the first multi-billion franchise directed towards women. Yet, by breaking the series’ usual pattern of agonizing love triangle yearning, and by adding more gore decapitating action to the vamp-werewolf mix, this last installment proves to be a preposterous laugh-out-loud anticlimax, which can’t even boast the benefits of emo-teen-pleasing drama this time around. Continue reading

News: Pinocchio to become the most popular boy in school!

Similarly to Snow White, who got the royal film treatment this year with the two adaptations Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, another fairy tale character is about to get a huge chunk of the film industry with three adaptions in the works.

To start with, the man of my heart Mr Robert Downey Jr. is teaming up with the similarly lovingly-weird director Tim Burton to tell the story of wood craftsman Geppetto trying to reunite with his beloved almost-offspring Pinocchio. While Rob will be entrusted with the central role of Geppetto and Tim will be occupying the director’s chair, the screenwriter duties will be fulfilled by Jane Goldman (Stardust, X-Men: First Class). Goldman will be incorporating some of RDJ’s notes into the script, so would that mean we will get to enjoy an ass-kicking Sherlock Holmes-esque Geppetto? Fingers crossed for that!

On the other end, Real Steel‘s director Shawn Levy is attached to a Pinocchio prequel, which will follow Geppetto as he endures war and misfortune in his quest for true love. The script in this case will be in the hands of Michael Vukadinovich and will supposedly be reminiscent of The Princess Bride‘s manner of storytelling.

Last but not least, Guillermo del Toro is in the works for creating a 3D stop-motion version of Carlo Colodi’s tale. As you can imagine, del Toro’s take will be edgy and surreal, with a darker interpretation of the Blue Fairy, while the director’s responsibilities will fall on Fantastic Mr Fox animation director Mark Gustafson and Gris Grimly.

So, as you can see, there’s no lying about it – Pinocchio is going to be the next big thing in fairy tale movieland! Let’s hope his endeavour will be less disastrous than Snow White’s!

Nostalgiathon 2012: Fasten your seat belts for this Speed (1994) review!


As you can guess from the name of my blog “M for Marvelous” (-> Marvel -> Iron Man/The Avengers-> superheroes…that kind of stuff), I am the type of person that loves a challenge! Admittedly, saving the world in a flashy suit might not exactly be my forte, so I usually tend to go for something that is not so out of my league – writing about movies, for example. As a result, I decided to participate in Nostalgiathon 2012! The challenge there? To watch a movie I used to love as a child, and assess it from an adult’s perspective this time around.

Fellow-bloggers from Andy Watches Movies and Cinema Schminema, I salute you for this ingenious idea!

Continue reading