My Movie Alphabet is a blogathon started by Mettel Ray, which truly exemplifies the concept of a ‘blogathon’, since it took me forever to compile this entry!!! I was massively entertained throughout the whole process, of course! I actually think I went a little overboard with this post, which word count is close to 3000 words – the size of one of my university essays! I know this is too long to read, so feel free to just look at the pictures 🙂 So, I have not only included actors, directors, and movies, but anything which is connected to films and I cannot live without! What I have noticed, though, is that since the letter M is so Marvelous, I had too many things I wanted to include, so I ended up having runner-ups to the runner-ups! So, without further ado…





9 ½ Weeks – sexually explicit and emotionally challenging, this movie makes you realize that maybe it isn’t anything else but ourselves who stand in the way of our own happiness. Plus Mickey Rourke is a fox in this one!


1) 50/50 – an amazing feel-good movie, which boasts an admirable performance by JGL.

2) 300 – a turning point in the way films are visually presented.

3) 21 Grams – with the interconnected stories of its damaged characters, this film will move you, amaze you, and provoke your thoughts.




Audrey Hepburn – an icon like no other, she encompasses genuine beauty, style and talent.


1) Atonement – Epic and heart-breaking, Atonement is a skilful adaptation of a love story set in the turmoil of war, featuring stunning imagery and excellent performances from Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

2) Antonio Banderas – when you are 5 years old and you happen to watch Antonio Banderas’ passionate self in Desperado, performing the emblematic song with a guitar, it seals the deal for life! 😀

3) Anne Hathaway – the diapason of her metamorphosis from a geeky invisible girl to a sexy bad-ass superhero is astonishing. Add the beautiful smile and amazing voice, and you have a star!




Beauty and the Beast – the best Disney movie (in my humble opinion) might be the only one that promotes to little girls that you shouldn’t base your love on how hot Prince Charming is. Plus, Belle is actually smart and can hold her own. Way to go, girl!


1) Bourne – not to be mean or anything, but Bourne would totally kick Bond’s ass if it came to that!

2) The Butterfly Effect – this different perspective on time-travelling guarantees to keep you on the edge of your seat, and it shows Ashton can actually act! Wut-wut!

3) Ben Affleck – from an ok actor to an acclaimed director, Ben is definitely on the rise and I, for one, cannot wait to see what he will be cooking up next!




Charades – no laid-back friends get together is complete without the favourite game. Although, I probably like it so much just because my team always wins 😀


1) Christopher Nolan – it might be very cliché nowadays, but I think Chris is the only director, whose whole filmography I love! Of course, he has only 10 films…

2) Christian Bale – from a psycho to a superhero, Mr Bale seems to own every character he plays!

3) Colin Farrell – whether he is the villain or the hero, the good guy or the bad boy, there is a certain level of delightful intensity and appeal  Colin Farrell adds to his characters, so even the really bad movies *cough* Total Recall *cough* don’t seem to be THAT bad anymore.




Disney – regardless of if you are a little child or a grown-up, Disney always tries (and almost always succeeds) in keeping the magic alive!


1) Denzel Washington – there is a reason why he is the 2nd African-American actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor, and the reason is: he is simply amazing!

2) DreamWorks Animation – much like Disney, DreamWorks’ films talk to the child within each and every one of us, and manage to do it in a very distinctive way!

3) Dimitri (from Anastasia) – he is one hot cartoon! I would most definitely take him if given the opportunity! 😀 (In case you are wondering, Flynn Rider from Tangled and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians complete the Top 3 of The Hottest Male Cartoons :p )




Eeyore – I’ll just say I have 5 stuffed toys, a mug and a bracelet with Eeyore 😀


1) Equilibrium – a Matrix-reminiscent, Yeats-quoting, Christian-Bale-starring visual spectacle!

2) Ethan Hawke – one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. Honestly people, give him more roles, haven’t you seen Gattaca or Training Day?!?

3) Emma Stone – a living example that funny can be sexy, and not only when it comes to guys.




Friends – on the worst day, an episode of Friends makes everything better! And you can never get bored of watching it!


1) Fight Club – I have never met a person who doesn’t like this film, so I will skip the explanation here.

2) Finding Nemo – one of Pixar’s finest, this movie is not only the cutest thing ever, but teaches both parents and children some valuable lessons. The former – that they should let go at some point, and the latter – that they should listen to their parents more often.

3) Forrest Gump – because life is like a box of chocolates…




Gone with the Wind – the film that would make you fall in love with old movies.


1) Gerard Butler – comedy, action, thriller, romance, even musical…Gerry is the man! Add to his amazing talent the ripped body, the fact that he studied at my university, and the incredible charisma (have you seen him on Craig Ferguson’s show? Priceless!), and that’s me gone!

2) Gattaca – an intelligent and timely sci-fi, which doesn’t fail to keep audiences thrilled and emotionally engaged even for a second!

3) Guillermo del Torro – a visionary in the making, del Torro might prove to be the next Spielberg.




Home Alone 1 & 2 – there is no Christmas without these two movies! I have watched them every December ever since I was old enough to know what I was actually watching.


1) Heath Ledger – a remarkable talent (and not just because of his Joker interpretation), he was taken away too early, but he’ll never be forgotten! R.I.P.

2) How to Train Your Dragon – following up on the DreamWorks’ comment, this is probably the best example of how good their cartoons are.

3) Hugh Jackman – gorgeous, extremely talented and versatile in his roles, an incredible singer and dancer, and apparently a wonderful person (reference to all of his charity work)! What more should I say?




Iron Man – I think whatever I write here will be totally biased, so let’s just cut to the chase…THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE/CHARACTER EVER!!!


1) Indiana Jones – just like every other 80’s or 90’s child, Indie was an integral part of my childhood, and all due respect to Star Wars and any other franchise during that time, but this one has to be the best one!

2) IMDb – it was launched the year I was born, because they sensed I won’t be able to live without having all the movies’ information in one place 😀

3) “I’m Chuck Bass!” – for the people who don’t watch Gossip Girl, this is the way one of the characters explains himself on multiple occasions and I must say, this is probably the most shallow, but best argument I have ever heard! 😀




Joseph Gordon-Levitt – people call him the “boy-wonder”. Why? Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper…Enough said!


1) James Dean – a career consisting of only three movies, but what movies!!!

2) James McAvoy – Scotland’s Got Talent! Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, and now James McAvoy. And he might just prove to be the best one yet!

3) Jennifer Aniston – smart + sexy + funny + beautiful + great hair = the perfect woman a.k.a. Jen




Keanu Reeves – as discussed in my Nostalgiathon entry, I do realize he is not the best actor, but nevertheless he was my biggest celebrity crush from ages 8-15, so he takes the first place here for old times’ sake. Plus, he is really good for certain types of roles e.g. in The Matrix, Speed, Constantine, Break Point


1) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – a hilarious blend of black comedy and noir thriller, this movie delivers thrills, chills and spills (of Coke due to hard laughter), not least due to Robert Downey Jr’s marvellous performance!

2) Keira Knightley – she might have started out as a Natalie Portman look-alike, but she’s come a long way to become one of the best current British actresses!

3) Kate Beckinsale – just because she is so beautiful, it makes you want to cry 😀




Lee (Bruce and Brandon) – what actually happened to Bruce and Brandon Lee and was the curse real??? This is one of the mysteries I would want the answer to!


1) Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d’enfants) –a surreal carousel, this film is as dark, cynical and paradoxical as it is romantic, entertaining and heart-felt!

2) Looper – to see why this film is so awesome, refer to my Looper review

3) Lucky Number Slevin – “With its diabolical ending, this is the movie equivalent of a crossword puzzle: fun and clever.” Couldn’t have said it better! Add to this Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley, and you are in for a cinematic treat!




The Matrix – a game-changer in the film industry!


1) Marilyn Monroe – The Queen of cinema!

2) Marlon Brando – The King of cinema!

3) Morgan Freeman – God (or at least his voice 😀 )

Runner-ups to the runner-ups:

Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, Mickey Rourke, Maximus (from Tangled), Memento, Marion Cotillard, Monsters Inc., Mr. Nobody




“Notebook” a boyfriend – seeing a tough guy get all mushy and emotional over this Nicholas Sparks’ story – Priceless!!!


1) Natalie Portman – a Harvard graduate who looks like this and can act? Make way, please!!!

2) Nina Dobrev – people who don’t watch The Vampire Diaries might not be familiar with who she is, but SHE IS BULGARIAN (like myself), so she had to be included 😀

3) Never Back Down – it might be an incredibly cheesy guilty pleasure, which at times seems ridiculous, but if there is one thing that sticks in your mind after watching it, it is to “Never give up, never back down!” A good life lesson I would say!




One Tree Hill – story of my life when I was 17! 😀


1) Ocean’s Eleven – a witty, smart, and well acted piece of comedy heist, featuring an all-star cast and directed by Steven Soderbergh!

2) Oscars – it’s the biggest night of the year when the Oscars are on, and I feel like a child before Christmas!

3) Once Upon a Time – an entertaining spin-off of traditional fairytale characters with plenty of soul and interesting twists. Fairytales will never be the same!




Pixar – although a little more unconventional than Disney, Pixar also creates must-see animations for children and adults alike


1) The Pursuit of Happiness – *sniff* *sniff* words can’t explain how moving this true-story-based film is!

2) The Prestige – in a typical Nolan-esque manner, this film, starring the already honoured in this post Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, is a mind-twisting mystery, which doesn’t even need magic to be impressive!

3) “Puny God!” – for all the laugh-out-loud moments The Avengers can boast, this is certainly the crown jewel!




Q – sexy, but he doesn’t know it! 😀




Robert Downey Jr. – being how half of my wall is covered by posters of him, you can understand how I think he is the most talented and handsome actor there is!


1) Ryan Gosling – when you watch some of his films like Blue Valentine and The Ides of March, you see how there is so much more to him than just looking “like he’s Photoshoped” 😀

2) Rachel McAdams – beautiful and talented (of course), but very down-to-earth and with the most dazzling smile!

3) Rowan Atkinson – I am usually not a fan of British humour, but I can honestly say that he is the funniest person in the world!




Sherlock (Holmes) – whether it is the 2009 film or the British series, a story about the delightfully eccentric and flamboyant detective is always a winner, especially when it is starring Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch respectively!


1) Steven Spielberg – if I have to think of one person to name the father of modern cinema, he would be the one!

2) Stardust – the film is nothing less than pure magic!

3) Supernatural – exhilarating monster-chasing series, which as a gulp of fresh air put the personal emotional emphasis on the relationship between brothers, rather than love stories! I might have finished 7 seasons in less than 2 weeks… 😛




Total Film – nothing makes me happier on a Saturday morning than having a coffee while reading the latest issue of Total Film!


1) Tom Hardy – Bane or no Bane, Mr Hardy has proven himself to be another manifestation of British talent.

2) Tim Burton – the word weird doesn’t even begin to describe him, but this is why we love him.

3) Taken – the underdog becomes a hit? I like!




Up – it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it has one of the biggest hearts! And the house rising in the air with the help of thousands of colourful balloons? A visualization of one of my child dreams! 😀


1) Unlimited Card – as many movies as I want for just 14.99 a month!!! You can imagine that I almost live at the cinema! 😀

2) Undercover (Под Прикритие) – these Bulgarian series, which are based on real police cases and focus on criminal organizations, manage to very convincingly depict some of the realities in the country. Plus, the way they are filmed doesn’t fall behind that of American (or any other developed country’s) crime series. Good job, motherland!

3) U Turn – the unlikely combination of Sean Penn and Jennifer Lopez under the direction Oliver Stone brings about a masterful surreal nightmare! Score!




Vivian Leigh – for anyone who has seen Gone with the Wind, no explanation is necessary. For all the rest, seriously people, what are you waiting for?!?


1) Vincent Cassel – an unlikely sex symbol, he has made his name playing violent, intense men and has won acclaim as Mesrine, France’s most notorious gangster! So , a bad boy who speaks French? Me gusta!

2) V for Vendetta – The Wachowski siblings present another feast for the eyes and challenge for the brains with this multilayered story of vengeance, freedom, justice and retribution.

3) Val Kilmer – a long and varied career which in my eyes started with Top Gun, became appealing to the child me with Willow, was a bit battered by Batman Forever and Red Planet, but then revitalized by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I really want to see what will be coming up next!




Will Smith – might be the only actor who doesn’t have a single movie I don’t like


1) Warner Bros – the studio behind most of my favourite movies

2) White Chicks – it might be only certain people’s type of humour, but to me, it is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen, especially when it comes to scenes like “I’ll hang you on my thongs!” 😀

3) The Wachowskis – like it wasn’t enough they did The Matrix, but then they went to V for Vendetta, and now Cloud Atlas! Much obliged!




X-Men: First Class – the X-Men movie I initially thought was going to be a huge disappointment, but turned out to be the best one yet! And with the masterful acting courtesy of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, I was on cloud nine!




“You complete me!” – like I am not already enough in love with Iron Man/Tony Stark, this scene comes up and it’s just an overkill!




Zorro – a sexy, fighting for justice, masked bandit, played by Antonio Banderas? Count me in!!!


1) Zach Galifianakis – incredibly funny without even trying! Although I am not sure how many more Hangovers I can take…

2) Zodiac – ok, ok, I know how this looks but I don’t like it JUST because Robert Downey Jr is in it! I honestly think this is masterpiece in the crime drama genre!

3) Zooey Deschanel – these huge blue eyes make me forget if it is Summer or Autumn…


About mformariya

I love films and everything that has something to do with them. I read a lot on cinema in my spare time. I actually wrote my dissertation in Business and Management on film marketing, and I am currently doing an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries with a focus on Film/TV. So basically I am interested in anything that can bring me closer to movies, regardless of the perspective. The main reason for me to start this blog is that I watch too many movies which leads to too many opinions (more than my friends can bear), so I decided to use my passion for constructive purposes :)

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  1. Great list, really enjoyed reading it. I particularly like your inclusions of Up and The Matrix.

  2. gregory moss says:

    Nice one ‘M’! Wow, you mean you’ve never known a world without IMDb?! I can only imagine what that must be like! And real glad to see Mr. Nobody in there too. I saw it for the first time just the other day and was so blown away I’ll be posting about it next week. Also, I think it’s really cool you have Fight Club on your list. 🙂

    • mformariya says:

      thanks 🙂 yeah, I absolutely love Mr. Nobody, my brother showed me the trailer before the movie was even out and I got so excited about it! One of my favourite quotes ever is from there as well : “If you mix the mashed potatoes and the sauce, you can’t separate them later. It’s forever. The smoke comes out of daddy’s cigarette, but it never goes back in. We can’t go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” 🙂

      • gregory moss says:

        Yeah, that is a great line – in a movie filled with great lines – and staggering beauty. I’m just so amazed I’d never heard of it before, which is part of the reason I want to post about it – to let people know it exists. 🙂

  3. filmdrivel says:

    Great list…. although I have to say, with the exception of ‘One Tree Hill’ 🙂 I’ve been working on my own one, it’s difficult!

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